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Sapaad is an all-in-one cloud based Point of Sale (POS) App as well as Call Centre App designed for Restaurants, Cafeterias and Fast-food outlets of all sizes.



  Cloud Based

Sapaad is Cloud Point-Of-Sale so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business. No servers, no IT contracts.

  Easy to start using

From signup to taking orders, you’ll be up and running in minutes.
All you need is a browser.

  Offline Mode

Sapaad’s 'OFFLINE' mode uses the latest in web technology to keep you operational even when there’s no internet available.

  Super Dashboard!

Sapaad features a powerful, customizable, business dashboard that gives you rich reports & insights into all aspects of your business.

  ...all you need is a browser!

Because Sapaad runs on the internet, it is compatible with any device that has a web browser, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. No more expensive proprietary hardware.

  User Friendly

Sapaad provides a great user experience so that you can focus on what matters: taking orders & growing your business.

  Stock Management and Inventory

Sapaad inventory lets you manage stock by inventory location, across multiple locations. Receive stocks and transfers, run stock-takes on a tablet, build par-levels, and so much more. Stay on top of your restaurant’s stock management like never before.

  Designed for YOU

From small cafes to multi-chain restaurants, Sapaad works perfectly whatever your size. Sapaad does take-away, dine-in and home delivery orders.

  Online Orders

A full-featured "order online" page on your website for your customers, including sign up & sign in, one click checkout, order tracking, mobile orders, and more!

  Food Costing

Configure ingredients, create sub-recipes, tweak recipes, and instantly see the effect of ingredients on the cost of your menu items. Incredibly powerful food costing and menu engineering that even chefs will love.

  Simplified Phone Order Taking

Our Call Center module gives you everything you need to manage phone orders and home delivery — customer addresses, history and preferences.

  Your own Internal Call Center

Setup a central call center and let agents take orders for all your outlets. Orders are printed directly to kitchens! You can also take phone orders easily at each outlet.

Tablet Ready

Take orders on the floor or on the field. Delight your customers.
Sapaad’s tablet app works on any tablet of your choice — Android or iPad.
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